Medical Billing Services

Our Billing specialist’s brings expertise in multiple states, multiple specialties, and multiple hospital & physician management systems, Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Preferred Provider Organizations and Indemnity Insurers. We know CMS 1500 and UB92 forms.

Our Offshore Medical Billing specialist’s has experienced with popular billing software applications Medic, Medical Manager, HealthPac, Calmed, Prime Clinical, Medisoft, CpuMed, NextGen, Practice Today, IDX, SMS Signature and Lytec.

Patient Demographics

Ability to work on scanned images as well as Electronically Submitted Demographic Sheets
Ability to accurate process insurance information (selecting appropriate insurance details)
Offshore Medical Billing specialist’s access the information via the Server (or directly from Software          Screen as the case may be) and enter information directly into the client software

Charge Entry

Offshore Medical Billing specialist’s process charges for all specialties with good appropriate state       and specialty rules
Trained in regulations related to Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Third Party Liability, Workers       Compensation, Preferred Provider Organizations, Indemnity Insurers
Paper and Electronic claims are sent daily, Electronic claims are submitted directly to: Medicare,       Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield & most commercial insurance carriers
Offshore Medical Billing performs Internal Quality Assurance at different levels to provide the high       quality output

Payment Posting

We process both Manual and ERA payment posting
Daily Deposits balanced accurately
Denials are worked immediately and secondary claim reports are sent on daily basis
For partial payments, analysis is done and corrective action is taken
Overpayments are researched, authorized and documented.

Non-remittance mail from payers and patients is noted in the patient’s accounts and reviewed. Responses are processed timely to enhance cash flow