Charge Entry

Charge Entry

  • Outsourcing Medical Billing specialists process charges for all specialties with good appropriate state and specialty rules
  • Trained in regulations related to Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Third Party Liability, Workers Compensation, Preferred Provider Organizations, Indemnity Insurers
  • Paper and Electronic claims are sent daily. Electronic claims are submitted directly to: Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield & most commercial insurance carriers
  • Outsourcing Medical Billing performs Internal Quality Assurance at different levels to provide the high quality output

Some of the key highlights from our Charge Entry Solution Suite:

  • Patient Registration
  • Multi-specialty charge entry by our experienced billing professionals
  • Verification of all claims before submission for fewer denials and underpayments
  • Save up to 40 per cent as compared to your existing costs
  • Complete HIPAA Compliant process and remote access solution keeps data in your control

Key Benefits of Charge Entry:

  • Improved cash-flow
  • Faster Payments
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Easily handle new clients without adding staff or new infrastructure

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