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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the leveraging of technology or specialist process vendors to provide and manage an organizations critical and/or non-critical enterprise processes and applications. The most common examples of BPO are call centers, human resources, accounting and payroll outsourcing. Business process outsourcing may involve the use of offshore resources.

Use of a BPO as opposed to an Application Service Provider (ASP) usually also means that a certain amount of risk is transferred to the company that is running the process elements on behalf of the outsourcer. BPO includes the software, the process management, and the people to operate the service, while a typical ASP model includes only the provision of access to functionalities and features provided or served up through the use of software, usually via web browser to the customer.

Outsourcing medical billing is a global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organization expertise in outsourcing. Our objective is to develop and deliver dependable, flexible and cost-effective solutions for back office and contact center operations for leading global organizations. Currently we provide services in the following domains:

Business process outsourcing in India

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The Business Process Outsourcing Industry in India has grown by, leaps and bounds. Compared with 1996 when this Industry had started inroads into the United States with Outbound Telemarketing campaigns, today the vehicle for these calls-the internet has become cheaper and more reliable for the average Indian business.

The business has boomed to the extent that many people are now running BPO’s out of their cyber cafes and houses in New Delhi.

The sector witnessed considerable activity during 2004 2005, including a ramping up of operations by major Indian and MNC players and stepped up hiring. The domestic BPO market, catalyzed by demand from the telecommunications and BFSI segments, matched the growth of BPO exports. The market experienced maturity and consolidation, a result of numerous mergers and acquisitions taking place within the sector. There were over 400 companies operating within the Indian BPO space, including captive units (of both MNCs and Indian companies) and third-party services providers.

The Indian BPO industry remains on a growth path, emerging as one of the key investment markets in the country.

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